Red River Walleye Fishing

The Cat Eye Fishing Outfitter Difference: Cat Eye Fishing knows the Red River and it's channel catfish. He has spent countless hours on the Red River for over 30 years.

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Red River CatFishing

Each fall walleye migrate down from the sprawling waters of the 12th biggest freshwater lake in the world to inhabit the Red River and Winnipeg River.

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Fishing Packages

Our specialty is catching world class trophy channel catfish on the historic Red River.The Red River is arguably the best channel catfish fishing.

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Red River Catfishing

The Red River of the north between Lockport and Selkirk, Manitoba offers the greatest catfishing on the planet. A day on the water with expert Red River catfish guide Dan Kiazyk of Cat Eye Outfitter will be a trip to remember!

We have a 40# guarantee where if you don't catch 40# of catfish during your catfish trip of 8 hours we'll offer you another 8 hour catfish trip for free. Of course we expect you to try and respect the good intention of this guarantee.

When you hire us you won't be hiring a sub-contractor - you hire us! Be aware that when you hire with other services you may not get the guide you thought you were hiring but someone else who is hired itinerantly. Or, how is it a good deal to catch a guaranteed number of fish and leave early? Don’t you want to enjoy your time on the water?

At this catfish mecca the cats are both powerful and plentiful averaging 20 lbs. Whether you need a Lockport catfish guide or a Selkirk catfishing guide Dan knows the Red River like the back of his hand. His goal for his guests is a fun trip full of big catfish, good laughs and great company. One battle with the Red River's apex predator catfish will leave you wanting more...if your arms can handle it that is.

Call now to book a catfishing trip of a lifetime; Toll Free 1-888-228-3933

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To know the details

To know the details

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Four Season Walleye guide

The Red River of the North and Lake Winnipeg will be excellent destinations for walleye fishing in 2022–23. A fully guided day on the water with Clam, Vexilar, Northland and Jiffy Pro, Dan Kiazyk of Cat Eye Outfitter will be a walleye trip to remember! Book early for those periods when you can expect the best "greenback walleye bite". Call toll free 1-888-228-3933 to make sure you get those dates when you'll increase your chances for a true giant walleye!

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Fall Greenback Walleye Guided Fishing

The Fall greenback walleye run is a second part of Manitoba’s famous duo of world-class sport fishing (Catfish and Walleye). When late September rolls around and the water starts to cool it's time to call Dan at Cat Eye Outfitter to guide you to the system’s massive schools of large Lake Winnipeg walleye. Greenbacks, as locals call them, start to make their annual Fall migration from the limestone rich waters of the North basin down to the South basin of Lake Winnipeg and into the Red River and Winnipeg River systems. Call early, toll free 1-888-228-3933 or click here for more info

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Guided Lake Winnipeg (Winter) Walleye Ice Fishing

About the third week in December, you can begin to ice fish. It’s never too early to call toll free and book your fully guided Lake Winnipeg ice fishing adventure. The South basin of Lake Winnipeg is world renowned for its giant greenback walleyes. These walleye roam the South basin of the lake and can be found in different areas of the basin as the Winter season progresses. We monitor that movement and supply you with all the gear you’ll need to hoist a trophy walleye. We’ll even supply the latest electronics and means of conveyance to make your day even more successful. March is primetime, but early ice season (December/January) can present the angler with as much action, on many days. Call early toll free 1-888-228-3933 or click here for more info


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Spring and Summer and Fall Guided Greenback Walleye Trips

The Spring and Fall season presents a particularly short window for some of the lake’s hottest action. Walleye in the Spring may not always be the largest you’ll ever catch but the numbers can be amazing. Fall time has always been a preferred time for many to angle for those fully conditioned giant greenback walleyes you’ve seen in photos from the region. Summertime, too, presents excellent opportunities to angle for Walleye on the big lake or Big Windy as locals call it. Call Dan to discuss your options. We fish the whole South basin and its tributaries. Call toll free 1-888-228-3933 or click here for more info


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