Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Packages

Our main goal is to provide you with a trip to remember, full of big fish, good company, and plenty of excitement for all with a guide who gets as much pleasure watching his guests catch big fish as he does catching them himself.. Lake Winnipeg's reputation for gigantic walleye becomes even more realisable/accessible when ice goes on. We also fish all over Manitoba: Lake of the Prairies, Waterhen River, Lake Manitoba, Buffalo Bay -LOTW, The Winnipeg River and a variety of locales in Northwest Ontario.

Ice Fishing - Lake Winnipeg Walleye Guide

When the cold Winter weather is putting Canada into a deep freeze, Lake Winnipeg is the Place to be for trophy greenback walleye ice fishing.

Ice fishing for trophy greenback walleye on Lake Winnipeg is an excellent option for the angler who dreams of hoisting a 30” + walleye. Lake Winnipeg, over the past 20 years, has become the go-to ice fishing destination for ice fisherman from all over North America for its trophy walleye. So if you love ice fishing for walleye, especially trophy walleye, Lake Winnipeg offers you the opportunity at a trophy fish of a lifetime, Dan Kiazyk of Cat Eye Outfitter will get you out on the vast expanse of Lake Winnipeg’s South basin in an effective and efficient search of trophy greenback walleye.

You may think you can do it yourself. Sure, you probably can…but there’s a little more to getting at a trophy walleye on Lake Winnipeg or at least you may benefit from someone who has done it for many years. Firstly, there’s safety to consider, in light of a giant lake with pressure ridges that are an ever present issue. Secondly, the South basin of Lake Winnipeg is relatively featureless but does have locational “hangouts” for big walleye throughout the winter months. Thirdly, approach, gear and general long term experience come to bare upon whether you’ll be successful finding and catching fish. This is where an experienced Lake Winnipeg ice fishing guide can make the difference between a successful ice fishing trip and a not so successful experience.

Experienced walleye guide Dan Kiazyk of Cat Eye Outfitter has spent and continues to spend a lot of time on Lake Winnipeg searching for trophy greenback walleyes. His experience means that he will employ a strategy that will put you on large fish each day you fish with him or one one of his guides.

Cat Eye Outfitter has a variety of trips to suit your individual or group needs. Whatever your needs, we will accommodate you and your group with an experienced Lake Winnipeg walleye guide.

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Manitoba Lakes Ice Fishing

Winter time is also the time to get at the world class walleye of Manitoba's other great lakes. From ice on to the end of Manitoba's fishing season we are on lakes throughout the province chasing down this province's giant walleye Manitoba has arguably some of the best winter walleye fishing destinations on the planet!. Our goal is to provide you with a trip to remember,full of big walleye, good fun, and plenty of excitement.

Perhaps you're curious about what it would be like to fish a different trophy fishery in the province or maybe you're an ice fishing fanatic.No matter what we offer our services to those interested in tackling one of Manitoba's winter fishing hot spots
Whatever the case might be.... this is the fishing trip of a lifetime for those folks who like their walleye on ice. We'll tailor for you a guided ice fishing trip of a lifetime. Our service is available seven days a week throughout the ice fishing season. For more info please contact us and let us know what you've got in mind
If you want to share your experience with your family don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll do our very best to accommodate you and your family. If your children have special needs Dan is a qualified and trained professional educator with many years of experience working with a variety of children with different needs. Let me share with you and your family my enthusiasm for this great sport! I have all the qualifications for safe and respectful trip for your children.

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The "Local" Ice Fishing Guide Advantage

Walleye guide Dan Kiazyk spends many hours on lakes throughout the province's ice season each winter along with his friends searching for schools of trophy walleyes on a variety of lakes. Working together with expert local walleye guides, we are continuously scouting locations to stay on big schools of giant walleye. So instead of spending your vacation looking for walleye, let us do the work, and you start your trip off catching walleye.

Geared up with the best equipment made by the ice fishing industry also makes a difference whether it's jigs from Northland Tackle or awesome life like Live Target lures, Ice Team/Clam pro Dan Kiazyk and his select group of seasoned friends will set you up in warm ice shelters heated with propane powered Mr. Heater heaters. You will also see everything going on below as you tune in your Vexilar flasher through holes drilled by reliable and powerful Jiffy Ice Drills.

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