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We endeavour to fit any of our adventures to meet a particular client's needs. Fishing fanatic or novice, our service has something for all types of anglers. Dan can be reached via e-mail, toll free telephone 1-888-228-3933 (CAT-EYEe), or regular mail. We are available ALL season long....Seven days a week, 12 months a year. Give us a call and we'll do our best to serve you!

We also specialize in providing our services to families. Dan is an experienced Manitoban educator qualified and trained to develop fishing adventures that work with children and their families. As a certified professional educator in the province of Manitoba Dan has met all provincial requirements to work with children. Cat Eye Outfitter also offers opportunities for parents of children with special needs. All parents should be able to get out with their children to experience "fishing" opportunities at various locations throughout Manitoba. Let us know what you'd like to do with your family and we'll do our very best to meet those needs.

Lodging at local hotels/motels is convenient. If you're fishing the Red or Winnipeg rivers, Winnipeg is not too far away (40 min.-Red, 80 min.-Winnipeg R.)and both Selkirk and Pine Falls have good lodging. It is the client's responsibility to book his or her own lodging but we can definitely make some suggestions as to what would be the best for the adventure you have in mind. Camping facilities are also available at any number of Parks throughout the province. There are sites with water, electricity, and indoor washrooms. If you need tips as to where to stay in Manitoba we can help.

Depending on the time of year you choose to fish for Cats or Walleye, the Red river from Lake Winnipeg to Lockport may be an option(while the Winnipeg River from Pine Falls to Traverse Bay - Lake Winnipeg is another good choice). Cats are on the chew from the opener (mid May) until until September. During late summer we tend to guide for Cats in between Selkirk and lockport. Walleye in the Red will start to pick up from the middle of September until the river is drawn down near the end of October. (generally speaking the Winnipeg river will start up a couple of weeks later and will be better longer than the Red)

If you decide to go with our full guide services,we provide boat and all fishing equipment needed. All clients need to bring is their rain gear or appropriate seasonal clothing, fishing licenses. If you have a rod and reel you wish to use, feel free to bring it with you and put it to the test on the Red River. On the other hand, If you want to fish out of your own boat we can accommodate that as well.

Most day trips are very flexible but generally start at 8:00 A.M. and end at 6:00 P.M.. Hours may vary on request or due to the best bite, weather conditions, or times available. We generally will meet before this time at a predetermined meeting place.

Whether you're a Cat fanatic or Walleye wizard, Cat Eye Outfitter can assist you with your Manitoban fishing plans. Have a look through the rest of the site. Consider our numerous Manitoba fishing adventures. Look through our photo gallery with its hundreds of trophy Manitoba walleye and catfish. Read through the Manitoba fishing articles section. Want to know a little more about Manitoba Fish species? It's all in here. This site has a little bit of everything "Fishing in Manitoba" for the person interested Manitoba angling.

Hey if this year's walleye ice fishing bite is as good as last year's walleye ice fishing bite on Lake Winnipeg you won't want to miss it! Serious trophy hunter, family, business, corporate, let us know when and how many and we'll put you onto what is no longer the secret hot spot in North America for gigantic ice walleye..... Lake Winnipeg winter greenbacks. We've got all the gear to make your day out on the (hard)water a fantastic experience. Give us a toll free call at 1-888-228-3933 and we'll set something up for just you.

Dan Kiazyk, has been fishing Southern Manitoba and Northwest Ontario for over 30 years. A registered Manitoban guide and registered Manitoban Outfitter, Dan will see that your day on the water is safe and enjoyable. References are available on request.

For more information E-Mail: cateye_outfitter@yahoo.caor call TOLL FREE 1-888-CAT-EYEE (228-3933) or Fill out our "Info For

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