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Our main goal is to provide you with a trip to remember, full of big fish, good company, and plenty of excitement for all with a guide who gets as much pleasure watching his guests catch big fish as he does catching them himself..

Fall Walleye Fishing (Greenbacks)

Fall Greenback Hunting

Each fall walleye migrate down from the sprawling waters of the 12th biggest freshwater lake in the world -- Lake Winnipeg, to inhabit the Red River and Winnipeg River. These giant fish are truly unique in that they are an iridescent opal green that shimmers in the light like no other walleye in North America. Locals call the walleye out of Lake Winnipeg, Greenbacks because of their unique coloration. Besides their special coloration these walleye are big. To turn a head on either the Red River or the Winnipeg River you have to be hoisting a walleye of more than ten pounds. Walleye as big as fifteen pounds are caught every year. The greenback run begins about the middle of September and continues on into November.
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Unlike the "experts" out there we think of ourselves as "dedicated students" of the fall walleye (greenback) run. Let us know what you've got in mind.

Haven't caught a double digit 'eye yet and don't want to fish when it's really cold. Well, there are a few other spots also worth considering in terms of catching a gigantic walleye. Despite what many will say there are some "other" Manitoba walleye trophy hot spots. First there's the Waterhen river and then there's also other river systems and lakes in NW Ontario during the summer...Yup... big walleye aren't only caught in the "Fall" and early winter up here in Manitoba/NW Ontario.

What about "lots" of walleyes in southern Manitoba. Well we've got you covered there as well with the walleye factory that is Lake of the Prairies or Buffalo Bay (LOTW).....lots of walleye? You bet.

You've got some options on how to do it too. Come up with your own boat and receive some orientation as to where to fish or we'll supply what you need to get the job done.With our services and experience you can cut down search time to concentrate on catching more trophies "when" it's convenient for you! Our walleye guiding has some limited availability, so call early to get the dates you want!

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Spring-Summer Greenback Fishing

Lake Winnipeg Spring and Summer Guided Fishing Trips

Not necessarily new, but becoming more and more popular of late are guided Spring and Summer walleye fishing on Lake Winnipeg.

Spring walleye guided fishing trips

Depending on the direction and velocity of the wind on any given day and where the schools of walleye roam in any given year there are numerous options for Spring walleye fishing.

These trips may involve a little more travel and longer days. You may have to change plans on where you were expecting to fish due to weather and wind. There is an additional cost for those trips where more travel is required.

The return on time/effort invested, however, can be fishing that is without compare. Numbers and size are both something achievable in this context. Certainly there is a more active Spring Season that is about 4-6 weeks. In general, during Spring, as with many great walleye fisheries there are best times for giants. Late May and into early June, on the Red River, Winnipeg River and Lake Winnipeg (Hecla, Winnipeg Beach, Pine Falls, Hillside Beach) are key times for trophy Lake Winnipeg Greenback walleye open water fishing.

Summer guided walleye trips

The Summer season is a bit more laid back, but offers opportunities that are quite remarkable.

Spring or Summer fishing on Lake Winnipeg has one larger potential drawback - the wind and weather can make fishing from a boat difficult or not possible.

Give us a call with an idea on when you plan on coming up. We’re going to suggest some options and let you decide what works for you.

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