Red River Catfishing

The Red River of the north between Lockport and Selkirk, Manitoba offers the greatest catfishing on the planet. A day on the water with expert Red River catfish guide Dan Kiazyk of Cat Eye Fishing will be a trip to remember!

We have a 40# guarantee where if you don't catch 40# of catffish during your catfish trip of 8 hours we'll offer you another 8 hour catfish trip for free. Of course we expect you to try and respect the good intention of this guarantee.

At this catfish mecca the cats are both powerful and plentiful averaging 20 lbs. Whether you need a Lockport catfish guide or a Selkirk catfishing guide Dan knows the Red River like the back of his hand. His goal for his guests is a fun trip full of big catfish, good laughs and great company. One battle with the Red River's apex predator catfish will leave you wanting more...if your arms can handle it that is.... Be sure to visit our photo gallery of fish we catch throughout the seasons Call now to book a catfishing trip of a lifetime; Toll Free 1-888-228-3933

Fall Run Walleyes

The Red River of the north and Lake Winnipeg will be extraordinary destinations for the upcoming 2017-2018 ice fishing season. A day on the water with Clam, Vexilar and Jiffy Pro walleye guide Dan Kiazyk of Cat Eye Fishing will be a trip to remember! Even though there are a lot of negative reports on Lake Winnipeg's walleye population, we saw a good numnber of excellent walleye last winter and this summer to indicate that they're not all gone!

Book Early for those periods when you can expect the best "greenback walleye bite". Call toll free 1-888-228-3933 to make sure you get those dates when you'll increase your chances for a true giant walleye!

The fall greenback walleye run is the second part of Manitoba’s famous duo of world-class sport walleye fishing. When mid September rolls around and the water starts to cool it's time to call this Selkirk walleye guide as massive schools of large Lake Winnipeg walleye make their annual fall migration from the limestone rich waters of the north basin down to the south basin of Lake Winnipeg and into the Red River and Winnipeg River systems. It's time to start thinking trophy greenback walleye and Cat Eye Fishing is ready to guide you to the largest, hardest fighting greenback walleyes of your life. Hiring Dan means you'll fish with a professional guide, Clam, Vexilar, Jiffy, Pro-Cure and Ziptailz Pro-Staff and a life-long student of the Red River. Call toll free 1-888-228-3933 to talk with Dan about catching that walleye of a lifetime. Be sure to visit our photo gallery of fish we catch throughout the seasons

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Fishing Tips

Gear considerations for Red River catfish
Be absolutely sure to use good strong wide gap hooks in bronze or stainless steel. Be sure to consider hook sizes of at least 3/0 with hooks as large as 6/0. Depending on the bait you use, hook size and shape will vary. Consider "circle hooks" as an option for anglers who don't have a lot of experience "hooking up". We separate our main line from our hooks with a leader in mono of 40# strength or greater. In some instances this mono leader can be broken when a hook becomes lodged in some immovable underwater object. A leader also allows us to put a swivel in-line allowing us to avoid knot breaking line twist that comes from fighting the Red's giant catfish.
Bait Considerations through the summer season on the Red River
A variety of bait is essential for success at different times through the summer. Undoubtedly prawns will work at any time but fishing with what is in the system will make a difference on those days when fish may be negative or not interested in your bait. Goldeye, suckers, frogs, crawlers in addition to large shrimp/prawns are all options as bait on the Red River when fishing for catfish. Having said the prior does not preclude the possibility of using prepared baits or even crankbaits. Depending on the time of the summer smart/successful anglers won't just be fishing one place with one type of bait.
Location, Location, Location (is almost everything) For Red River and Winnipeg River winter Walleye
Knowing locations on the Red River and the Winnipeg River can really can make or break any Fall Greenback fishing trip. Structure and depth are two key components to unlocking the location puzzle. Fall presents an ever changing dynamic environment and as such a certain amount of flexibility can make a good day turn into a banner day. If you have mapping capabilities it might be a good idea to get to know your areas for those "spots on a spot". Navionics and vexilar together with a tablet might provied the angler with a tool to increase knowledge of a key challenge to Fall fishing on the Red or Winnipeg rivers